Thursday, March 12, 2009

Raw Rik

In a rare outing beyond the confines of his padded blog, Rik has been spotted over at Jane Holland's Raw Light venue, where his poem 'Cliff' (from the Poems to Quote chapbook) has been made post of the day.

Rik's poem is the last in Jane's Short Season* of Other Poets, where she's featured poets of the calibre of Siriol Troup, Barbara Smith, Tony Williams, Nuala Ní Chonchúir, Andrew Philip, Paul Violi, Claire Crowther, Ben Wilkinson, Angela France, Matt Merritt, Rob Mackenzie and Katie Evans-Bush.

Rik is of course chuffed to bits to be included in such company; how the other poets feel about this outcome is probably not for the ears of little kittens.

*yes, I got the name of the thing wrong - now corrected. I apologise. I shall go and nail some portion of my anatomy to a conveniently located church door forthwith, as penance. 'Kay?


  1. Hey, that's a Season not a Series of Poets!

    (But at least it was a Short Season of Poets and not a Season of Short Poets.)

    You must have a very popular blog, Rik. Since your poem was posted, I've had a sudden flurry of spammers leaving messages - Buy Viagra! Download Porn! - on Raw Light.

    This almost never happens normally, my sedate little poetry blog being almost unknown to the vast slavering hordes of spammers out there.

    But now, oh joy, all these messages to delete.

    Friday 13th too. And my MOT bill has just come in at over £600. Lucky me.

  2. LOL, Jane... a season of short poets... *runs back to own blog to check*

    And a very good season it was too!

  3. Jane - I'll take responsibility for the 'season' thingy, but the spammers are not of my making. I only have a couple of regular readers, and I doubt they're topping up their meagre wages through nefarious activities - or if they are, then they're not sharing a percentage of the profits with me, as they are legally obliged to do!