Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Pitch my novel

Sounds kinda dirty, doesn't it. But if I want to get my novel published (and I do, I really do) then I've got to pitch it to people who think they might be able to generate themselves (and me) some profit out of my words.

Which is where The Pitch Parlour comes in. Out of the very kindness of her heart, Miss Pitch has set up a venue which allows aspiring wannabes like me a chance to test their pitch packages on real-life people, who are more than happy to point out the weaknesses and stupidities that can so easily creep into this most important aspect of getting a novel published.

Miss Pitch posted my package today: the query letter; the synopsis; and the opening 2,000 words. Please do pop over there and throw some mud at my efforts, or even just vote YES or NO. And while you're over there, do have a quick gander at the other pitches already posted - we all could use the feedback, even if you're not an agent or editor!

Oh, and if the story grabs either of you, I've got the first five chapters on display over at the Authonomy website. They're free to read and crit.

And can I just throw a big, wide open Thank You to Miss Pitch for coming up with her Pitch Parlour idea.

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