Thursday, July 09, 2009

Why are you begging for money, Rik?

#1: How dare you! I'm not begging for money!

#2: 'Kay, yes, I have added a "donate" button to the RikVerse Website pages. So what?

#3: Anyways, it's not as if I'm asking something for nothing. There's been big changes on the Rikverse Website which I think merit the addition of a "donate" button.

#4: What do you mean, 'what changes?' Go and see; stop bugging me to do all the hard work for you!

#5: Of course the changes are easy to spot! Go look again ... have you seen it yet?

#6: Yes indeedy! It's the copyright notice thingy. That is new!

#7: What do you mean, 'what's so special about the copyright notices?'

#8: They're not just any old copyright notices, I'll have you know; these are Creative Commons Licences - by switching to these licences, I'm giving folks permission to use my poems in various ways for non-commercial purposes ...

#9: No, I haven't lost the plot, thank you very much! It doesn't mean people can start doing silly things like changing my poems or plagiarising them or profiting from them ...

#10: Well okay, people can use some of the poems for commercial purposes without having to seek my permission first, or paying me, but those are just the older, more feeble poems ...

#11: Yes, yes. I know it sounds like a stupid thing to do, but that's the way the world is going and by giving people a licence to do stuff with my poems I'll hopefully be gaining a bit of name recognition and getting more visitors to the website ...

#12: And yes, some of them might just make a donation. Good point, there! Wish I had thought about it first. Now go and play in the garden, or the motorway, or something. Rik has a world to conquer and he doesn't need interruptions, 'kay?

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