Monday, April 26, 2010

NaPoWriMo 2010: 19-25 April

A mad idea has ripped me away from the sanity of NaPo.

Luckily this mad idea has involved the writing of aphorisms: I shall claim 3 aphorisms a day to make up for the past week or so.

I have no shame.

19 April: Aphorisms (1)

* Look to starlit skies, foretell your future; the rusts of the sun shall soon arrive.
* The most innovative carts are fashioned with the know of wheels and suspensions.
* However you gather and mix the ingredients, the cake still needs time for the baking.

20 April: Aphorisms (2)

* A dream can be caught in the nubs of fingertips, if the hand has practiced its grab.
* The stench of the cat can turn a stomach; still the mouse must eat.
* A clever cockerel crows a different dawn song when dogs arrive with the sun.

21 April: Aphorisms (3)

* The dance of the flame; the rage of the firestorm: the difference lies in the eye, not the tinder.
* A castle; a prison: does the hand that sets the bricks and lays the hearth know the difference?
* A good teacher opens the pupil's ears and eyes; the knowing smile is a shared gift.

22 April: Aphorisms (4)

* The sparrow weaves a careful nest; the storm's wind can ruffle no twig.
* The buttocks of glory and despair share the same seesaw.
* A billowing cloud fascinates us with its dance; kills us with its choke.

23 April: Aphorisms (5)

* Invest in a good horse; hold the world in a clip of hooves.
* The greatest art is a conversation, not a monologue.
* A master craftsman learns as much from breaking a cart as from building it.

24 April: Aphorisms (6)

* Monkeys watch for trees in bloom; plan for the next feast of fruits.
* The goat has no fear of the mountain; green shoots are found in unlikely crevices.
* A celebration needs a grand cauldron, with many ladles.

25 April: Aphorisms (7)

* Many hands shall build the village hall; not all hands hang from the same pair of arms.
* The pupil has much to teach the teacher: is the teacher willing to sit cross-legged?
* A gull surfs the ocean's storms alone; the cliff and the nest are ever-close to its heart.

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