Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Vreski Warding System #5

Extra! Extra!

(Somewhere in the Facebook app, and the associated webpages, I'll need to put in a disclaimer - because it's all nonsense and a bit of fun, innit! Though that probably won't stop the nutters committed to other, "real-world" divination systems. Though I won't mind them too much, as long as they buy my book.)


What does the Vreski Wards application offer you?

When you first join the app, we will calculate your natal elemental levels for you. These give an indication of your potentials and vulnerabilities - you can learn more about your natal elements {{wherever}}.

Then each day the app will send you a note with advice on the most appropriate materials and colours to help you build a daily ward. You will also receive a short, appropriate aphorism - thinking about the aphorism while constructing your ward can help strengthen its potency. Furthermore, the app will supply details of the imp, demon or devil you are most likely to encounter that day.

There are no charges for using this app - I offer it as a community service. Be aware that the most effective warding materials are things you find yourself, often just lying around in boxes of old junk - the best wards should cost you nothing to build and wear!

If you do fall victim to an imp, demon or devil: don't try to build a ward to help you get better - it's too late for that! Wards offer protection, not cures. If you're feeling lost, talk to friends; if you're unwell, visit your doctor.

(this is the skeleton spec of what the app will serve up to the user ...

Sent daily to their wall/comments thingy:
- a generic graphic of their natal element with a short message warning them of likely dangers from (named) imps, demons and devils, together with a link to the app's home page.

When the user visits the app's home page they should see:
- a daily graphic showing an appropriate ward, calculated from that day's date and their birthdate
- text details of the proposed ward, together with that day's levels of each element
- more details about potential hazards that they may encounter on that day
- a graphic and brief description of the imp/demon/devil mentioned in their daily post
- a short aphorism which they can chant/consider as they go about building their ward

The whole thing needs to run automatically, with no imput from me - I've got better things to waste my time on. Though I can add to the collection of demons/imps/etc as the mood takes me, and also write fresh aphorisms every now and then. At a minimum, I reckon I can get away with 81 named imps/demons/etc (with a graphic for each) and say 150-200 aphorisms. Also, 10 element badges to go with the daily posts, and graphics (of odds and sods) for pulling together the generated ward image)

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