Friday, February 17, 2006

I'm practicing

... for NaPoWriMo, the torture also known as April, where the inflicted have to write a poem a day throughout the whole month.

Oh, and in case people were wondering, I'm not planning on turning these poems into a series. In fact I'll be happy if just one or two of these drafts transmute into good poems. Anyways, I've given this one the snappy - but provisional - title of ...

Love Poem #5

"Tonight, instead of meeting you
inside that smoky bar I'll greet
you at my door, you have the address?
And then in place of shouting words
of lust above the thumpy noise
we'll sit and chat as I prepare
a meal for us, with wine - you do
eat meat? I have some chicken flesh
still fresh from lunch a few days back.
I thought I'd marinade them through
in brosia juice - it tastes like piss
when fresh and needs to cook for hours
to mellow down. No need to dress
up posh for me - just bring yourself
and that dirty smile of yours."

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