Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Love poem rewrites

As promised yesterday ...

Love Poem #1

As the hovercraft puffed its skirts
against the concrete apron, so I flew -
Dover harbour a spray of images
beyond my screaming eyes as my brother
swung me beyond the rabbit-chewed lawns,
the edge of the cliff, a handgrasp away
from learning the dangers of trust.

Now the last hovercraft has been scrapped
for spares I can discover new dangers
beyond the crumbled castle's keep. Seduction
in moonlight is a walk through stiff grasses
to watch the sea bolster Dover below;
to feel the wind wipe the rain
across my naked back as I dance with you
on the edge of the cliff, eyes forward
not down, each step an experiment
in my trust of flinty contact.

Love Poem #2

You're drowning me: floodwaters
blister over the river's dirt bed -
a borewall of branches, snakes. Garbage
from the town's dark alleyways grabs
my legs, wraps my legs in carrier bags
and jostles me through storm drains.

"Change must come", grumbles
the corpse of a dog flushed
from its grave of dust and tyres.

Now the flood sings, percussion streams
harmonised with outlet gargles. Nerves
in my skin feel pressure like the hands
of a giant luging alongside me, holding me
safe in his great grasp; he pushes my form
beneath bridges, hustles me towards
saltier storms where liquids elope with kelps.

My bouyant lung fights the tug
of gravity; my bladder empties
a stash of chemicals. "Breed",
demand the dog-corpse maggots -
"Breed like the moon has crashed!"

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