Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The Page

First off, I like The Page. It's a webpage-come-blog whose only purpose is to list links to interesting articles about poems, poets and poetry found online, and also to list links to recently published poems online that the owner of the site has taken a shine to. Andrew Johnson - that's the name listed as Editor at the bottom of the webpage - offers no opinions, except for the opinion made explicit through his choice of article and poem to link to. This is uncommented linkage, just the way I like it.

The range of sources (magazines, newspapers, periodicals, websites, etc) scoured for these links is impressive, restricting itself only to English language sources from North America, Europe and wherever else such goldmines may crop up. No source - and no poet - dominates so you can get a good, wideranging browse from a single visit to the site.

Even so, some poets, and some sources, crop up more than once. By doing a little bit of number crunching, we can determine the poets and sources that Editor Johnson feels people interested in poetry should be reading:

For poems:
The poets
Louise Glück (listed 4 times in recent months)
Seamus Heaney (3)
John Burnside (2)
Stephen Burt (2)
Arielle Greenberg (2)
Jane Hirshfield (2)
Ange Mlinko (2)
- from a total of 134 poets

Where the poems were published
The New Republic (10)
The Guardian (8)
Slate (7)
Poetry (6)
Poetry International (6)
Jacket (4)
Poetry Review (4)
- from 77 different sources

For articles:
The Guardian (25)
The New York Times (10)
The Nation (5)
The Observer (5)
The Boston Globe (4)
London Review of Books (4)
Poetry (4)
Times Literary Supplement (4)
- from a total of 49 sources

Interestingly, Silliman's Blog is listed 3 times for articles - which goes to show that you don't have to have hardcopy to feature on The Page. Nice.

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