Friday, February 24, 2006

A very dog-rough draft

... but it does make for a round dozen poems to work on:

Love Poem #12

We started in our cluttered hall
with a cuddle and a kiss
and soon enough we found ourselves
naked to the waist.

We buffed our skins with baby oil
and tweaked each other's nips
then got right down to monkey stuff
playing with our bits.

You said: "let's try a different game:
I'll fuck you on a tray
as we slide down our entrance stairs
abandoning our shame"

"Or how about some hooks and ropes",
I countered with élan:
"we can leap about like gibbons do,
perform our shag mid-air"

"We could", you said, "go commando
and dress up squaddie style
I'll chase you across the roofs
before you suck me dry"

We stopped in thought, our neurons fixed
on pleasures not yet caught -
and then you kissed me, hugged me tight:
"we'll have some tea to start".

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