Tuesday, April 28, 2009

NaPo 09 ~ Reverie Inc.

Reverie Inc.

We've assembled a new dream for you,
as per spec, with added colours
enameled on the spelter frame.

The cellar is fresh-hewn, with frets
of lime for the dangling of drops:
that pool of neuroses comes gratis.

We can supply extra veneers
of your deity of choice at cost,
and laminate the clouds with eyes.

For maximum pleasure, the fancy
should be applied with even strokes
and allowed to leaven in sweat.

Remember, there's no shame in nudity,
not in your head; these strangers
who stare and chase are bespoke.

We thank you for your custom. Please
dispose of your delusions carefully
after use. Consume before midsummer.

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