Monday, April 20, 2009

NaPo 09 ~ We Added Some Herbs to the Brew

We Added Some Herbs to the Brew

Sharp: a grasp, unseen,
that pulls my nape clear
of a hand that tingles
the back ends of teeth.

Tart: when the chin drops,
my lips melt; a fudge slab
atop the fence post midday
- sidehooks in the cheek.

Sweet: a smile, an ease
in the throat, a comfort
of belly hugs; a tap
on cavities. A temple-pain.

Cold: where the frown
burrows beyond the curve
of skullbone to plough
stavelines in the sinus.

Salt: old memory refreshed,
rag-swept and dusted; colours
kindle brighter, each face
clear and firm and whole.

Love: a twin of tongues
rolled in unspoken words.

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