Monday, April 20, 2009

Online Literary Magazines

Further to Nic and Scavella's comments on Sandra Beasley's Poets & Writers article on the evolution of online journals, I decided to do a little investigation to see which of the magazines mentioned in the article are currently accepting online (ie web form or email) submissions. Here are the results:

linebreak - online submissions welcome

Memorious - online submissions welcome

Mezzo Cammin - online submissions of formalist poems by women welcome

AGNI Online - online submissions welcome; does not accept submissions that have been previously 'published' on any website, including blogs or personal sites

Anti- - online submissions welcome; "... Anything the editor can Google is previously published ..."

Valparaiso Poetry Review - online submissions welcome; "... accepts submissions of unpublished poems, book reviews, author interviews, and essays about poetry or poetics that have not appeared online ..." (whatever 'online' means)

The Literary Review - only reads online submissions! Next reading period starts in September

No Tell Motel* - online submissions currently closed; next reading period will start in October

Blackbird - online submissions currently closed - next reading period starts in November

The Kenyon Review* - online submissions currently closed (couldn't find details of when the next reading period starts)

Drunken Boat - online poetry submissions currently closed (couldn't find details of when the next reading period starts)

The Iowa Review - does not accept electronic submissions

*I have received graceful rejections from these venues

And two further magazines deserve a special mention, mainly because they've published me! Both accept online submissions year-round:

The Shit Creek Review

Magma Poetry

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