Thursday, March 18, 2010

The costs of independent publishing

For those who are interested, here are the breakdowns of the costs of self-publishing my tome.

Writing/revising/finalising the book:
4 years; £0.00 (costs of medications and alcohol excluded)

Preparing the book webpage:
1 week; £0.00 (I love coding websites)

Formatting the book for hardcover publication:
3 days; £25.00 (the cost of two books for proofing)

Formatting the book for eBook publication:
2 hours; £0.00

Preparing the cover:
2 days; £0.00 (maybe spend some cash on this in due course)

Cost of distribution packages:
£0.00 (no need for an ISBN with my distribution channels)

Publishing hardcopy (
2 hours; £0.00 (did the process twice)

Publishing eBook (
1 hour; £0.00

Promotional spend/budget:
£0.00 (ain't got no cash to spend on promotion)

Total cost: £25.00

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