Friday, March 12, 2010

Gods in Jungle publication #2

A little earlier than expected, the proof copy of the hardcopy version of the book landed in my grubby little mits this morning.

Only a few immediate, obvious changes needed:

- The cover absolutely does not work; it gives completely the wrong feel about the book and - I hate to say this - it looks amateur. The cover must change.

- the maps are too dark; they shall be changed too - though that should be an easier job.

- the margins are just off; the inner margin (next to the spine) needs to be a centimetre or so wider to make for a more comfortable read.

- text justification ... I forgot to fully justify the text. Oops. Also, there's some orphan words and lines at the end of a couple of chapters, but that can all be sorted out at the same time as I do the margins and check through the file again to make sure each chapter starts on an odd-numbered page.

- headings and page numbers are appearing on the blank pages - this I don't mind so much, though best practice is for blank pages to be, well, blank.

In the good news zone, the redesign of the website to accommodate the book goes well.

QUESTION: is this cover better?

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