Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Gods in Jungle publication #1

So the publication process begins.

The book has been formatted for hardcopy publication on lulu.com - that includes front page stuff, copyright notices, a couple of maps, dedications and author notes, consistent indentation and punctuation, and an appendix at the back - because my Other Half told me the book needed a list of who's who and what's what.

Oh, and a cover. I can't afford to pay a talented person to design a cover for me, so I've had to do one of my own. I don't like the cover design wizard served up by lulu.com - this is All Rik's Very Own Work:

What do you both think?

Next up: proofing the hardcopy version - nobody gets to see this little beauty until I'm completely satisfied with the way it looks off the presses, inside and out.

After that, I can start on the pleasurable stuff of redesigning the rikweb website for the promoting of the book. I'll also need to do a lot of work on the lands database to bring the Vreski Society stuff up to spec.

Then in a weeks time the proof version will be in my dirty little mitts so I get to do some reading and finalfinalfinal revisions. At that point I can also format the tome for its eBook versions and play with the Smashwords website.

I'm already thinking about pricing: I reckon the hardcopy version ought to sell for £9.99 (around $15 US), while the eBook version should go for $9.99 (around £6.50).

Comments always welcome ...

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