Sunday, March 21, 2010

Guess what's coming ...

Yep, I'm re-doing the RikVerse book. This new book will:

- include all four chapbooks - Play Time; 22 Facets of my Father; From Each Skull, A Story; and Poems to Quote to your Lover (that's almost double the amount of poetry compared to the old book);

- be available in both hardcopy and eBook versions;

- have a nice new nifty cover - bye, bye chicken; and

- be on sale for £4.99 (hardcover) or $2.99 (eBook) - vastly cheaper than the old book!

What the book won't be is available through Amazon - pushing a book through the Amazon route will automatically double the price of the book, so Amazon can do their '50% off' offer thingy. Bugger to that - who in their right mind would pay a tenner for a book of poems, huh?

Anyways, more news later, alongside links and stuff. Everything has to settle before NaPo strikes us all down ...

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