Saturday, April 16, 2011

Goodreads 1, Rik 0

... so I'm trying to set myself up on Goodreads. It's proving to be a bit of a bugger because the two books the site already had in its database for me were not (exactly) the books I wanted listing: one was my first ever poetry book, now retired and put out to pasture, while the other was the smashwords version of The Gods in the Jungle. So none of my other hardcopy poetry chapbooks and books, no hardcopy version of GiJ, and no mention of kindle versions anywhere!

That's me, that is!

Obviously there's still some work to do, and then I've got to figure out all the groups and social interactive stuff. Advice from Goodreads regulars would be most helpful.

Also, should I offer people free copies of GiJ? The promotion I did on this blog last year resulted in 1 (one) copy being downloaded. Cursed, my name is: cursed!

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