Friday, April 22, 2011

NaPo 11: 20-22 April - Good Friday poems

... I'm running a little behind, so 3 poems today to bring me back up to speed.

Good Friday Poem #1

Two hot spring weeks and already
the Earth cracks. Haze
hovers above the uncut grass,
sway-less eye dance -

a trick of the heat: bees bob
between pincushion
dandelions; fresh nectar
for the first eggs.

Good Friday Poem #2

They fish in silence - the man,
the heron. When one casts its beak
through the mirror course the other
whip-ducks his fly. Slow the ripples
travel, armadas cruising the canal;
where the waves cross a stickleback
giants and dwarfs, nestweed in mouth.

Good Friday Poem #3

For my first burlesque of the season
I seek an audience of crows; there is much
for me to expose and, when done, they caw
an appreciation. I lumber onto my back
and let Aten's fingers massage me:
"you've fattened well," the lost god
whispers; "I accept your singe of a gift."

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