Tuesday, April 19, 2011

NaPo 11: 18 April - Regent's Canal

... So I'm running a day late. Be happy I'm not yet reduced to fukyu sequences ...

Regent's Canal

Dogs walking their owners
bow legs and bristles
tattooed and snouted
calf-exposed, sweat-nosed
barking at mates
by cell-phone.

Office work strewn over lawns
barefoot meetings, diary
confirmations applied
like cream over strawberry
burns - the first tanline
of the season filed.

Inside the sitework cages
move cranes - they spell runes
across a hot blue sky;
men in yellow hats clad
skeleton structures
in bricks and planks.

Midstream a swan ducks
and scrapes bubbled fronds
from the mud, green scraps
staining orange keratin
and I keep on walking
though my toes bleed.

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