Wednesday, April 13, 2011

NaPo 11: 13 April - Snowdrop 6.1: Caught in the Hug of Madness

Snowdrop 6.1: Caught in the Hug of Madness

"How can you know the truth? Does your belief
in wooden dolls give you some influence?
It's stupid - nonsense - nothing here makes sense!
This nightmare's only gift to me is grief
and pain; I'm a raver caught inside my head:
there's singers and dancers, folks who hunt and fuck
and pray in churches built from mist! I'm stuck
between the lines of a joke, too sick to shred
this dream. I need advice! I need a sign
to tell me what to do to end this hell -
a list of rules, a tourist guide, a map
of stones and trees that cannot move. A line
of arrows to point me home. I can't repel
my fear ... please! Help me spring this trap."

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