Thursday, April 14, 2011

NaPo 11 bonus - Snowdrop 9.2: The Chant of Entrapment

Snowdrop 9.2: The Chant of Entrapment

"I sit and wait, I guard this hidden realm;
we keep the world's best in our hidden realm.

"A place beyond corrupted Eden, here;
a home for the disposessed in my hidden realm.

"A wizened hook, a secret key, a bean;
go forth, find fresh guests for our hidden realm.

"This prize you bring to me - a jewel, a rose;
her presence here has blessed the hidden realm.

"Too many years have passed - so few remain;
the birth of suns divests the hidden realm.

"The sun shall die tonight, and be reborn;
such are the trials and tests for the hidden realm.

"My hands have tallied too many bright hearts;
your last breath: a bequest to my hidden realm."

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