Wednesday, July 03, 2013

... And that concludes my posts for today.

All the words I've posted today are the words I wrote before the start of Camp NaNo. I hope you both enjoyed them. From here on in, the writing's gonna get a lot rougher - first draft rougher - as I won't have time to rewrite them.

The good news is, the writing block is broken. For the best part of a year Kal and Sam have been sat in that long house doing nothing. After I got them there (last summer) I ran out of things for them to say to each other. And I had no clue about what they would do next. Then, last night, after I had written my first 500 Camp NaNo words, I got myself one of them inspiration thingies. I know what Kal's gonna ask, and what Sam tells him, sat in that long house together.

And I know what's going to happen when Kal finally tells Sam his name.

Of course, if you haven't read the first book of the SpinTrap saga, yopu won't understand why Sam does what he does ...

If you want the book, the buy links can be found in this post.

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