Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Worlds within Worlds #2.3

'Why do you have such sharp teeth, Achoa?'
My question brought a grin to the woman's face as she worked at her sewing.
'Don't laugh at me. Tell me.'
She kept her eyes on her busy needle. 'You know why I have sharp teeth, little Kal. It makes it easier for me to eat you.'
My eyes were not distracted by her needlework. During this visit, she had not bothered to wrap her longleaf cloak over her shoulders, leaving me with a good sight of her pendulous breasts, each the equal to the other in length and weight. Only the nipples were hidden by their soft-carved bark cups. As she drew her arm straight to pull each stitch tight her breasts swayed to one side, gently, enticingly.
She knew me too well.
'I am too scrawny for your taste,' I told her, my eyes refusing to move from the mesmerising distraction.
'Nonsense. You are well built. What you lack in height, you recover in bulk. Your buttocks I find very appealing.'
'Appealing enough to be covered in your bark?'
'Perhaps,' she said, taking a moment to brush her cascade of soft, brown hair away from her brow. The movement was enough to restore my wits to me. A quick glance around the compound confirmed that the woman's knives and blowpipes remained where I had persuaded her to place them before I approached close.
'We have been busy with the fishing,' I said.
'This is good. Men need to eat fish.'
'Leic has found herbs.'
Her eyes narrowed at the words, and her lips tightened a little. 'Leic has a knack of finding herbs.'
I managed to keep my sigh silent, let my eyes return to the sway of her bosom. 'We shall be cooking the fish soon, with the herbs. Maybe you could visit us?'
'Maybe I could,' she said, drawing her arm straight at the completion of another stitch. 'If only to keep your pert buttocks in my eyes.' She saw me tilt my head, saw the faint crease of my brow. It is enough to ease the tension from her lips. 'How else will I know that you are safe on the beach and not back here robbing me of my knives?'
I made a determined effort to keep her smile from infecting my own face: 'I cannot believe that a woman as wise and beautiful as you could ever think such scurrilous thoughts about me. You know I like my fish cooked. The smell of the hot flesh will keep me staked to the beach until my eyes fall shut from too much beer!'
She laughed: 'Such tales you offer me, Kal. Your stories are the reason why I keep my teeth sharp!'

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