Saturday, July 13, 2013

Worlds within Worlds #9.4

I do not like walking along the avenues. As the flayman had shown, avenues collect dangers like a dip in the sand collects water.
This avenue, I am sure, is the one that will take us out of the hills to the long house where Sam kissed me. When I had shared this news with Maak-em-ay-are-see he became very excited; he, too, has come to believe that Sam would most likely stay near the place where we had parted on such – unusual – terms.
Not that I've shared those details with him. All I have said of the matter was that I slipped while looking for food and tinder.
I don't like the idea of meeting brother Sam. I have a feeling that he will not enjoy seeing me again. I have spent a quiet while sharpening my knives to a keen edge: if there is to be trouble, it will not be my Vital Breath heading back to the healing pools.
Sam's reaction to seeing Maak-em-ay-are-see will be ... interesting ... I think.

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