Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Worlds within Worlds #1.1

1. The Healing Pool

I am ... tightness.
There is a tightness. There is a ... me. There are two things: the me, and the tightness. The tightness is apart from me. The tightness surrounds me.
There is a ... light. This is a third thing. Light. Sky. I am not the sky; it is apart from me.
The tightness confines me. The sky shines on me.
There is a ... shape in the sky. It is a long shape, a yellow shape. The shape moves beyond the tightness. The shape grows.
The shape ... pokes ... at the tightness.
ThereIsAPain! The pain ... it is on me. The pain is – short? Shiny? Sharp. Very sharp!
Something that is me ... moves. Pushes. This is – not – a thing. It is a does, not an is.
It pushes against the tightness. It pushes against the sharp yellow shape. It pushes.
Not it. I.
I push with my ... with my arm. I push with my leg. My leg pushes as I ... struggle to ... straighten my leg. My knee. My knee is tight against my ... chest. My chest is tight against my ... chin! My chin! My arm is tight around my knee. The tightness surrounds me. I push against the tightness.
The shape pushes against my tightness. The shape pains me.
Within the tightness I push. I – rush? Run? No, roll. I roll and the sky ... slides. The sky ... is not. The sky – marks? Moves? Yes! It moves. There is no-light ... dark ... at my chin, at my ... face. The dark faces me. The shape is ... gone.

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