Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Worlds within Worlds #1.5

Jiar found Leic, as was right: they often slept together and had a tight bond between them. The pool was in a place of sharp rocks. He was already reaching his arms around the tough leather of Leic's sac when I reached his side.
'You brought his clothes with you?'
I nodded as I loosened the straps that held the bag to my shoulders. 'Fresh and supple, from good bark. Achoa finished sewing them three sleeps ago.'
'Achoa is a bitch with the needles.'
'She guards her grove fiercely. Strong bark.'
'She sews badly on purpose. Leic knows her tricks.'
'She never sews bark for me.'
'You are too good at thieving it.'
'And you are shorter than her.'
'Always she promises to sew me a fine cloak.'
'And always you fall for her lies. Give me your blade.'
I loosened the knife from its loop on my belt and handed it over. 'I know her tricks.'
'Maybe if you let her win, she would sew you a good bark jerkin.'
'It hasn't worked before. She has sharp teeth, has Achoa.'

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